Yearbook 11/12: Quiz Outline

The quiz is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 19.

Part A – Matching (Terminology) – 12 marks

  • Review the Terminology from Photo & Writing (p.15) and Design & Layout (pp.14-15) from Student Guidebook (Moodle).

Part B – Multiple Choice (Terminology and Concepts) – 8 marks

  • Read the readings from Photo & Writing and Design & Layout (Moodle) if you have not done so. Basic concepts will be tested.

Part C – Short Answer (Concepts) – 5 marks

  • Answer the review questions below. Use the readings from Photo & Writing and Design & Layout (Moodle) as reference. Some of them will be used on the quiz (as-is).
    1. Explain three places where you should be able to see the theme of a publication.
    2. When resizing and placing photos, what are two things you must watch for and why?
    3. What are two purposes of an eyeline?
    4. What are the three types of photos each spread should have?
    5. Why would you want to flip photos, and why might you not want to do so?
    6. What are the four types of white space in a layout? Describe each of them.

Part D – Spread Analysis (Concepts) – 5 marks

  • Complete the Review worksheet. Use the readings from Photo & Writing and Design & Layout (Moodle) as reference. Similar analysis will be applied.