Web Design 12: Marketing Campaign (Prezi and Prototype)

  • a logo: keep it simple and use PNG file format
  • a team summary: members, roles and responsibilities
  • an image of your product: either physical or digital prototypes are acceptable.
  • an explanation of what your product does.
  • a competitive analysis: how is your product better (or different) from your competitors?
  • a SWOT analysis: what are the product’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
  • a financial analysis: sales and projections.
  • a conclusion / thank-you slide.
There are no lower nor upper slide limits as long as (1) the presentation meets the 2-4 minute time limit, (2) the presentation is legible in a 480 x 360 screen from a normal viewing distance, and (3) the presentation is engaging and professional. The statistics that you provide do not need to be real but they must be believable. Aside from statistics, you may also include written testimonies. Remember, you are trying to convince potential investors to give you money. Note: The finished presentation will be embedded onto the About Us / Investors section on the product website.]]>