Web Design 12: Consulting Firm

Imagine that you have decided to create websites as a summer job or even as a career. Aside from networking, one of the most important tools to get your name and reputation out there is to design a professional website for your own web consulting firm.  For this project, you will use a combination of Flash Professional, Dreamweaver and Photoshop to create a Flash website that satisfies this purpose.

Due: June 10, 2013

The website should have the following pages:

  1. an introductory blurb about the website’s purpose (i.e. web consulting services).
  2. a list of websites that you have worked on (i.e. a portfolio; e.g. school website, marketing website, hobbies website). The URLs should be linked to http://mrkam.ca/web12backup/2013/
  3. a blurb about the company’s members and contact information (i.e. about you including possible hobbies and expertise).

The main stage should be 800 x 600 px. You are encouraged use a free downloadable Flash (.fla) template under the creative commons license, but it must be modified to meet your exact needs.

It may be a good start to look at other web consulting firms, paying close attention to common content and good design elements. After initial research, you should explore different free downloadable Flash templates (under CC) that closely meet your needs. After selecting an appropriate template, you must modify the website (e.g. text, hyperlinks, graphics) to meet your exact needs.

Evaluation: The website will be marked holistically out of 10.

Mark Description
9-10 Professional. Website has excellent content and design. Appropriate use of language, layout and graphics. All hyperlinks are functional.
7-8 Amateur. Website has good content and design. Some issues with language, layout and/or graphics but these issues do not significantly hinder communication. All hyperlinks are functional.
5-6 Novice. Website has fair content and design. Language, layout and/or graphics hinders communication. All hyperlinks are functional.
1-4 Developing (or Incomplete). Website is incomplete. One or more hyperlink is not functional. One or more pages not modified.Redo may be necessary (if time permits).
0 Website is not uploaded onto server.

Due: June 10, 2013