Web Design 12: Promo Video

In the upcoming weeks, you will work in a small team to produce a short yet effective video to promote business education and information technology at the junior and senior levels. The ability and the accessibility of current technology allow people to easily shoot videos and digitally publish them. However, having the technology is not the same as being able to create effectively communicate ideas and emotions through video. Before shooting the video or even creating a storyboard, it is essential that you first learn the concepts of effective advertising, then familiarize the process of video production from planning to post-publication, and finally research and apply artistic techniques for creating effective videos.

Day 1

Part 1: General Meeting

The teacher will hold a meeting with the web cohort to discuss a few details about the elective fair and the parameters of the promo video, including:

  • the purpose of the elective fairs and the videos
  • the format, date and location of the elective fair
  • the target audience and the length of the video
  • the intended message for the target audience and its potential effectiveness
  • the deadline of the promo video

It is expected that you take notes during the meeting.

Following the meeting, you will be grouped with three other members and be assigned a role based on your skill set:

  • Member 1 / Project Manager ensures that group members knows their roles and responsibilities, provides additional team support where necessary, and manages team to meet deadline. Ideally, this person has strong leadership, organization and communication skills.
  • Member 2 / Videographer is eventually responsible for shooting the majority of scenes and takes. The short term goal is to develop camera skills. Ideally, this person has some experience with photography and/or graphic design.
  • Member 3 / Storyboarder consults with team members and comes up with a script and/or storyboard that conveys a strong intended message to its target audience. Ideally, this person has strong writing and analytic skills with some experience in marketing.
  • Member 4 / Support Member is the jack of all trades and takes initiative to provide additional team support where needed. Ideally, this person has strong collaborative skills to work with others.

Part 2: Individual Research Tasks

  • Project Manager
    • Tasks:
      1. Research the process of video production (from planning to post-publishing).
      2. Create a timeline for the entire process. Be ready to share the timeline with your group and teacher before the next class.
  • Videographer
    • Tasks:
      1. Read the three articles on basic camera shots:
      2. Search “video tips” and read at least three articles. Record or bookmark the URL of the articles.
      3. Write down 10 tips that you and your group will find useful. Be ready to share your key ideas and tips with your group and teacher before the next class.
  • Writer
    • Tasks:
      1. In writing, identify (a) the purpose of the video and (b) the target audience. Be as specific as possible, such as including the demographics, geographics and psychographics. Be ready to share your responses with your group and teacher before the end of class.
      2. Search “advertising tips” and “commercial tips” on Google and read their first returned articles. Summarize both articles with 5-10 tips.
      3. Research and make a list of the equipment that you need to create a video.
  • Support Member
    • Task:
      1. Watch 3 to 5 YouTube videos in which it promotes the programs within a department or school. Identify the effective videos that can be presented in a loud and crowded area. Record or bookmark the URL of the effective videos.
      2. Propose 2-3 effective video ideas. Be ready to share these videos with your group and teacher before the end of class.

Part 3: Wrap-Up Group Discussion

About 10-20 minutes before the end of class, the project manager will invite the teacher and gather the team members to hold a group discussion. The purpose of this meeting is to share their research findings and contributions. In particular, the support member will present the top 3 effective promo videos. Once the meeting is wrapped up, each member will read the agenda for the next day.

Day 2

You will start this class with a meeting (without computers). The project manager will share the timeline with the group and submit a copy to the teacher.

You and your group will also come up with an effective way to present your intended message to your target audience. The idea can be original or inspired by one of the YouTube videos. It is expected that each member comes up with at least one idea and that each idea gets debated with pros and cons. The project manager will assign a team member to take notes of the meeting (i.e. meeting minutes).

Once the group comes to a consensus, you need to speak with the teacher to get his approval and then start on the script using a shared Google Document. Another group member can start on the storyboard. The script and the storyboard are due next class.

Day 3

The script and storyboard must be completed before the end of this class. If possible, get started on the video.


The project will be marked out of 40 based on the following distribution:

  • Process: based on the individual and collaborative work
    • Self Evaluation: 5 marks
    • Peer Evaluation: 15 marks
  • Product: based on the final work and the number of “Likes” on social media
    • Social Evaluation: 10 marks
    • Teacher Evaluation: 10 marks

Due: Uploaded to YouTube by February 5, 2014, with URL e-mailed to teacher.