Web Design 12: Marketing Campaign

For this project, you and your partner will create and launch an online marketing campaign for a new satiric product of your choice. The product may be an ordinary item used in an unconventional way (e.g. rubber bands for finger workouts) or a comedic new invention that no reasonable person would buy (e.g. EZ Butter). Be fun and creative.

The marketing campaign will include four major components:

  • a prototype of your product (choice of physical or digital)
  • a business plan for prospective investors (Prezi)
  • a supporting website with social media extensions (Dreamweaver with Facebook, etc.)
  • a 3-5 minute infomercial (YouTube)

Each part will be later discussed in further details.

The product and content may be presented in a comedic way, but the presentation must be  presented as professionally as possible. Because you need different skills to create an effective website, your first task is to find a partner who can complement each other’s abilities and personalities. With your partner, it is recommended that you review some sample marketing campaigns from the web12backup archives and research a few newer product parody videos on YouTube. By the end of class, you and your partner are expected to provide a short list of ideas.