Web Design 12: Marketing Campaign (Video)

The final task of the marketing campaign is to create a 3-5 minute long infomercial that advertises your product. An information is an extended TV commercial that introduces the product, shows its features, gathers testimonies, and calls the audience to action.

1. It will be your responsibility to study the format and structure of typical informercials. Below are some links and examples to help your break down these infomercials:

2. In your own time, you will create a script and even possibly a storyboard. The script can be done on Google Docs so that it can be shared and edited together outside of class. It is also important that you plan your location and your shots. For example, at some point, you need a close up of your product. Do NOT use single shots.

3. You need to gather all the equipment such as the video recorder (e.g. DSLR, phone), tripod, microphone, lighting, etc. Educate yourselves how to create an effective video by reading articles.

4. Plan when you are going to shoot the video. Do NOT wait until the last minute to shoot. If you plan to shoot outside and it starts to rain, you need to shoot another day. If you shoot a video but it doesn’t turn out the way you think it would be, then you need to re-shoot. Do NOT only take one shot. Even if you think you did well, take a few more shots so that you can select the best one.

Rule of Thumb: A 30-second video takes 30 minutes to shoot. This means that you will need to spend about 3 hours of footage to create an effective 3 minute video.

5. After shooting the video, you need to edit the video and audio using software. You can use Windows Movie Maker, iMovie or any other video editors at your disposal.

6. Once done, upload the video to YouTube and embed the video onto your website.

Deadline Date: April 7 at lunch (before class). Because the due date has already been extended, no late assignments will be marked.

Evaluation: The video will be marked holistically based on the following criteria.

Criteria 3 – Fully Meeting 2 – Almost Meeting 1 – Minimally Meeting 0 – Not Yet Meeting
Length of Infomercial 3 to 5 minutes Either over or under by 1 second Either over or under by 5 seconds Either over or under by 10 seconds
Camera Angles

Multiple camera angles.

Zooms in on product.

Some camera angles.

Zooms in on product.

Few camera angles.

Does not zoom.

Limited camera angles.

Does not zoom in.

Visual Quality All three: Good lighting. Good camera focus. Good choice of location. Only two: Good lighting. Good camera focus. Good choice of location. Only one: Good lighting. Good camera focus. Good choice of location. None: Good lighting. Good camera focus. Good choice of location.
Audio Quality

Minimal background noise.

Equalized or normalized volume.

Some background noise.

Inconsistent volume.

Too much background noise. Inaudible or unintelligible

Good story. Creative and compelling.

Logo and call to action are displayed.

Average story.

Either logo or call to action is missing.

Lacking in creativity.

Both logo and call to action are missing.



Harms the product’s reputation.