Web Design 12: Top Websites

Imagine that you and your partner have been assigned to create a multimedia presentation for your boss but you two live in different cities. This is no longer an uncommon practice due to globalization in the workplace. Synchronous communication between two parties is made easier with chat clients (Google Chat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

For this assignment, you and partner will create either a Prezi or a Google Drive presentation about one of the top 50 websites in Canada. Unlike previous assignments, your partner will be chosen by the teacher since you may not be able to choose your own partner in a real workplaceAlexa.com provides a list of top websites around the world which can be filtered by countries.


  1. Find your partner. You will be given about 15 minutes of face-to-face time in which you need to:
    1. Exchange e-mail addresses–the Gmail one is recommended especially if you choose to complete the task with Google Chat and Google Drive.
    2. Agree on a sync chat platform that you both have and can access from school: Google Chat, Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, etc.
    3. Agree on the presentation platform that you two wish to use: Prezi or Google Drive only.
    4. Go to Alexa.com and select any three (3) Canadian top 50 websites that you wish to do your presentation on. The websites should be school appropriate (e.g. no adult sites) that at least one of you has been to.
    5. Write down your names and the three websites on a sheet of paper and submit it to the teacher. At the end of 15 minutes, the teacher will randomly select one of the ballots that determines which website you will be doing. If the submitted after 15 minutes, the selection process becomes first-come first served.
  2. Return to your seats and log on to the synchronous chat that you have both agreed to use. One of you will need to create a blank presentation and share it with the other member. Do this with the sync chat platform.
  3. Start on your presentation. It should include:
    • A title page with your website and your names.
    • At least one slide to answer each question:
      1. What is the purpose of the website (i.e. what is it)?
      2. What is the net worth of the website?
      3. Where does it rank in Canada? in the world?
      4. Who are its competitors?
      5. Why do you think it ranks top 50 in Canada (i.e. why do you think they are successful)?
      6. Would you invest in this company? Do you think its popularity will increase, decrease, or stay the same one year from now? Why?
    • Include graphics, animation, and transitions in your presentation.
  4. Prepare for an oral presentation.
  5. Complete the assignment by October 3, 2014, before the start of class. 

Note: The purpose of this assignment is to communicate as if the two partners work in two separate cities. All communication after Task 1 should be done via e-mail and sync chat.

Evaluation: The assignment will be marked out of 12 based on three criteria:

  • content aspect of presentation (group mark)
  • visual aspect of presentation (group mark)
  • oral presentation (individual mark)

Each criteria will be evaluated on a 4-point scale: 4 = fully meeting expectations, 3 = satisfactorily meeting expectations, 2 = minimally meeting expectations, 1 = not meeting expectations (incomplete), 0 = missing (not embedded onto WordPress).