Web Design 12: School Frontpage

Students will create a school homepage by modifying a free HTML/CSS template using Dreamweaver. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate students’ understanding of web design principles and to better familiarize themselves with the software.

Students may use free templates and images off the Internet. A good place to start is Free CSS, which was used in the class demonstration. The school of choice does not need to be Windermere. Be creative but keep it professional. The template must be modified to include relevant text and images. The links do not need to work. The page should be renamed to index.html and uploaded to yourname/dreamweaver/school. In effect, you will be able to test your website at http://mrkam.ca/web12/yourname/dreamweaver/school.

Due: Jan. 22 (day after exams). Lab will open opened during exams.