Web 12: Critical Review

Yearbook 11/12: Submit your assignment on Moodle.

Web Design 12: This is a modification of the Yearbook assignment. You will analyze the school website and write a critical review. What made the school site effective and why? What made the website ineffective and why? If you had full control, what would you change and why?

The critical review should consist of seven paragraphs: one for introduction, five for body, and one for conclusion. The first paragraph introduces what you are reviewing and why you are reviewing (i.e. how it relates to our new website). The next five body paragraphs disucss the homepage (one paragraph), overall organization (one paragraph), three sections of your choice (three paragraphs), which includes your most and least favorite sections. For each section, comment on the photography/graphics, layout, and page design. Provide a general impression and then go into the specifics using examples. The last paragraph (i.e. conclusion) wraps up your overall impression of the yearbook.

The length of the critical review should be between 400 and 750 words (about 1 page typed). Make sure the assignment is properly proofread and submitted to the teacher by e-mail before the deadline. Do not submit on Moodle.

Deadline: September 26, 2012 (beginning of class)