Web Design 12: Six Essential Skills

Do you have what it takes to be a web designer? Being a web designer is a difficult job. By coding HTML and modifying CSS, you have taken the first steps. However, there are a lot more skills needed than just knowing how to code a website. If you have ever considered becoming a web designer, some of the skills might surprise you.

Technical Skills

HTML and CSS is a must-have skill for a web designer. HTML and CSS are not that hard to learn and are actually the most important tools in web designing. You need to understand the usability and accessibility of HTML and CSS.

Even though concepts of programming and database are beyond the scope of this course, knowledge of JavaScript, PHP and SQL will help you create websites that are more dynamic.

Writing Skills

Your writing and editing skills should be excellent. This skill is important if you want to become a truly effective web designer. Your writing is what appeals to the customers when they first visit your site. This helps open a communication channel between you and the client. Don’t worry about using fancy words–you just need to have a solid set of writing skills to explain to the customers what you can do for them.

If you can use some fancy words, that can make the communication more effective (or less effective if used improperly). A web page will be more appealing if you make it so. The more effective your words, the more impressive your portfolio and project will be.

Apart from having good writing skills, your writing should also be fast because the faster you can type, the faster you’ll be able to code, and the faster you will be able to reply to emails. This will help you finish your tasks before the deadline and impress the client.

Visual Style

You must have your own style. To stand out from all the other web designers out there, you must have something that no one has. This makes it easy for the customers to recognize that your work is indeed different from others.

Content placement and graphic design are the two most important aspects to style.

Management Skills

Project management skills is something that can make you stand out. These includes managing resources, planning a project and executing a project. Customer satisfaction mainly depends on your management skills which can help customers avoid headaches.

You should also be able to manage time effectively. Every project has a deadline and you have to be conscious of the amount of time things take you, and always try to finish your work before the deadline, so as to have the time to re-check everything and correct any errors. Completing the task before the deadline leaves a good impression upon the client, and it is a good thing for you in the long-term.

Marketing Skills

Your social media marketing skills also play a role these days because of the trend of marketing turning from offline to online. Due to the change in technology, you need to know all the social media sites and about their usage. This is because most of the online businesses share their products and news on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter and other sites. This skill proves to be very effective because of the high usage of users on those sites, and you can use them for your marketing.

You must know the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). Optimizing your web pages for search engines is indeed a vital element in web design. You can make yourself stand out (and make some more money) if you know what you are doing with SEO.

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Creative thinking is a very crucial skill that you should have so your clients come to you more often. You should always be thinking out of the box and trying to be more creative in your designs. This way, you can develop your own style and create a great project and increase your number of clients.

You should also be able to solve problems. Projects are never without their problems and indeed you will encounter some. You need to be able to overcome any problem you encounter. The client does not care what problems you may face while completing their project, so learn to face all the problems and solve them.


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