Programming 11/12: Research Poster FAQ

This is a follow-up post to the Career Research project.

  1. When is the 1-page summary due?
    1. If you can complete it by the end of tutorials on September 12, then the teacher will review the same night. You can pick up feedback on Friday during class (2-3) or after school (1-2). This will give you the weekend to work on it.
    2. However, if you need more time, you can submit the summary on Friday before 3:30. It will be reviewed and returned on Monday either during class (1-3) or after school (2-4).
  2. Do I need to print my summary? Yes. You can print in the library for 10 cents per page. Ask your partner or a friend for money if you have none.
  3. When is the poster due? The deadline is Monday, September 23, by 3:30 for both classes. If you want to hand in earlier, you may do so.
  4. Do we need to present? No, you do not need to prepare an oral presentation. There may be an opportunity to present in the future (possible bonus) but nothing is confirmed at this point.
  5. How should the poster look like? The information on the poster should be presented in a fashion similar to a science poster used in science fairs: it should have a title, sections (in Q&A format), visuals (such as job trends and company logos), and references (which is missing in the example below).
  6. How do I create references? You can use and fill in the blanks based on the websites that you’ve used. DO NOT CITE GOOGLE AS A SOURCE! APA and MLA formats are both acceptable but only choose one. The references should be listed in alphabetical order.
  7. Why do I need references? The question should be, “why not?” As a research project, you need to demonstrate that you have evaluated different sources and synthesized the information together to form an educated conclusion.
  8. May I print in your room? Yes, you may print one colored page per group during I-block / tutorials. Black and white copies should be printed in the library.
  9. How will the poster be marked? Refer to the rubric [PDF: Poster Criteria].