Programming 12: Java Swing Project 3 – Statistics Calculator

For the last project, you will create a statistics calculator that has the following features:

  1. Print the list.
  2. Print the list in ascending order.
  3. Insert an element.
  4. Remove the last element.
  5. Find the minimum.
  6. Find the maximum.
  7. Calculate the median.
  8. Calculate the mean. (i.e. average)
  9. Calculate the standard deviation.
  10. Exit the program.

Click here to download a console-based version. (Statistics.exe, 246kb – Windows only)

You need to implement all the features in the console-based version and to design a user interface that intuitive to use. Use the sample program for test cases, including exceptions.


  • User Interface: 5 marks
  • Basic Features: 10 marks
  • Exceptions: 5 marks