Programming 11/12: Sorting Algorithm (Video Assignment)

For this assignment, you will create a short video that demonstrates how one of the sorting algorithm works using a regular set of playing cards. In the video, you must (1) identify which sorting algorithm that you have chosen, (2) explain what the purpose is and how the algorithm works (either in spoken words or in written text), (3) implement the algorithm on some randomly-shuffled cards. To improve your communication with your audience, you may want to explain what is going on step by step.


  1. What equipment do I need? You need a deck of cards, a recording device and a video editor software. Most likely, you have these items at home, in your locker or even on you right now! If you don’t, speak with the teacher to borrow or find equipment.
  2. How do I hand it in? You upload your video onto YouTube and submit your link using the Google Form. If you want nobody except the teacher to see it, you can make your video Unlisted.
  3. How do I get marked? Read the section after the FAQ.
  4. What if I do not have a YouTube account or do not want to get one? You already have one. You can use your Google Account to upload videos.
  5. How long does the video need to be? There is no lower limit as long as you clearly and concisely communicate your ideas. Make sure the video is edited to engage your audience and improve transitions. Typically, no more than 3 minutes.
  6. How many cards do I need to use? As many or as few as you like as long as you get your message clearly across. Typically, 6 to 12 cards.
  7. May I do any sorting algorithm? You will form a group of three: one in Programming 11 and another in Programming 12. Each group member is responsible for one of these sorting algorithms: selection sort, bubble sort, merge sort. The purpose of your group members is to provide you practical, technical and constructive support–holding the camera, helping with audio/visual editing, and providing informal feedback.
  8. May I do another sorting algorithm? Possibly. Speak with the teacher.
  9. May I do the project by myself (because I’m a total loner)? You need to be in a group. Whether you ask for their support, it is up to you. If they ask for your support, you are expected to help them.
  10. May I have background music? Yes, as long as it is school appropriate and adds to your video.


The video is marked holistically out of 10 based on three major criteria:

  • Implementation of algorithm on playing cards (3-4 marks).
  • Written and/or verbal communication of purpose and steps (3-4 marks).
  • Video and sound quality (including lighting and video editing) (3-4 marks).