Programming 11/12: Research Prezi-tation

Did you know that three out of the top ten professions are directly related to information and computing technology (ICT) according to

To get into an ICT-related career, you must get proper education and training. By taking this course, you have taken one step closer to this great career but additional education and training at the post-secondary level is required.

Part 1: For this assignment, you will investigate various ICT program options at different post-secondary institutions. As you visit each link, reflect on these questions as you read and look through each option:

  • Which post-secondary institute are you looking at? Which programs does it offer?
  • What are the entrance requirements? (Pre-requisite courses, marks, portfolio, etc.)
  • How many years of commitment would it require? How much would the program cost per year (or overall)?
  • What would I be learning? Would that be something that would interest me?
  • What kinds of job could I get after completing the program? How much would it pay?

Note: If you do not have the answers to these questions, research and find out! Do NOT rush this step. Take your time looking through the different options and reading through the different prerequisites.

Note: You may also look into other ICT program at another post secondary, including those outside the province (e.g. UToronto, UWaterloo).

Part 2: Once you have explored different options, you will select ONE option from ONE of the post-secondary institutions. Select the one that best applies to you.

Next, you will prepare a Prezi presentation based on your chosen institution and program. The presentation should explain why your choice and reflect on the questions above. The presentation should be kept under two minutes (around 20-30 zooms).


  • Refer to the evaluation rubric as a guideline.
  • Keep the audience (i.e. peers) in mind. The information should be useful for them too!
  • Increase the text size large enough so that people in the back can see when the presentation is projected at the front.
  • Limit the number of words to 8 per transition.
  • Use high contrast fonts (dark text – light background OR light text – dark background).
  • Include graphics to support your presentation. Video clip is not required.

Note: If you have never used Prezi, then you need to register for a free account. There is a free tutorial on the website, but the controls are intuitive enough that most students do not require it.

Part 3: Complete the Prezi presentation and e-mail to the teacher your Prezi URL (e.g. by Oct. 26. Class presentations begin Oct. 29/30.

Note: This assignment may be used for Planning 10 and/or Graduation Transitions.

Evaluation: Click here for the evaluation rubric.

Due Date: E-mail the Prezi URL by Oct. 26. Presentations on Oct. 29/30.