Programming 11/12: Flash Project 2 (Rube Goldberg)

A Rube Goldberg device is a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion. For this project, you will be using Flash to design and animate a Rube Goldberg device involving 5 or more transformations.

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Task 1: Design Sketch (Homework)

  1. Look at different designs on Google Images and
  2. Select a simple task (i.e. purpose):
    • waking up a person in the morning
    • opening or closing a door
    • turning on the light
    • flipping over a pan-fried egg
    • feeding the dog
    • scratching your back
  3. Be creative and think of a sequence of complex actions that fulfills the purpose (i.e. process). The sequence must have at least 5 transformations or steps by the time the device completes its simple task. Refer to the rubric below.
  4. Sketch and label your final Rube Goldberg device by hand. Note: the sketch must be original but the idea can be adapted from pre-existing ones.

Due: Feb. 1/4, 2013.

Task 2: Flash Animation (4 classes) 

Once your sketch is approved, you may start on the animation process with Flash. There should be two parts to the animation process. The first part is an introduction in which you introduce yourself and state the simple task in words (e.g. “How to pick your nose”). The second part is the animated version of your sketch. You may use images on the Internet under the Creative Commons licence. Refer to the rubric below.

Due: Feb. 12/13, 2013.

Rubric – 15 marks

Criteria 4: Exceeding Expectations 3: Fully Meeting Expectations 2: Minimally Meeting Expectations 1: Not within Expectations
Design / Sketch Simple task is achieved with more than five steps; and steps are well labeled. Simple task is achieved with only five steps; and steps are well labeled. Simple task is achieved with only five steps; or steps are poorly labeled. Simple task is achieved with four or fewer steps; or steps are not labeled.
Introduction Introduction exists. Purpose is clear. Introduction exists. Purpose is clear. Introduction does not exist.
Visual Quality of Graphics and Details Good graphics and well detailed. Average graphics and fairly detailed. Poor graphics or poorly detailed. Poor graphics and poorly detailed.
Overall Quality of Animation Animation is beyond basic and has other effects (e.g. sounds). Animation is beyond basic (e.g. gravity) but has no other effects. Animation is basic (i.e. classic tween). Animation is crude or illogical.