Programming 11/12: Flash Project 1 (About Me)

The purpose of this project is to review and apply basic Flash concepts: timeline, layers, keyframes, tweening, and publishing.

Task: You will create a Flash presentation that introduces you: your interests, your plans for the future, your likes, your dislikes, etc. The slideshow is to be done on a 800 x 600-px stage, and be 5 to 10 seconds long (no more, no less). There should be at least 2 text captions and at least 5 photos (one of which must be of you). Music is optional. Save the file as Project1.fla and Project1.swf, and upload them onto Moodle when complete.

Evaluation: The above criteria are only the minimum requirements. Your overall mark will be determined holistically by the quality of your work.


  • Consider using a textured background.
  • Choose sharp high-resolution photos.
  • Keep the photos proportioned (i.e. do not stretch or distort them).
  • Change graphics with white backgrounds to transparent (requires PNG conversion).
  • Add some animation to text and graphics.
  • Add a short clip of music.