Programming 11/12: Career Research

Did you know that three out of the top ten professions are directly related to information and computing technology (ICT) according to In fact, majority of them require the use of computers and technologies daily in their fields.

This assignment will give you an opportunity to explore different career paths in computer science and in ICT. To get into this career, you must first get proper education and training at the post-secondary level. In fact, by taking programming in high school, you have taken one step close to an excellent career path. 

Part 1 – Preliminary Research

1. Explore various computer science and ICT program options at different post-secondary institutions:

Note: You may also look into other ICT program at another post secondary, including those outside the province.

2. Reflect on these questions as you read and look through each option:

  • What programs does the post-secondary institute offer?
  • What would I be learning in each of these program? Would that be something that would interest me?
  • What kinds of job or career could I get after completing the program? Would that be something that would interest me?

Part 2 – Focused Research

3. Select one career related to computer science or ICT that interests you the most. From this step on, you may work with a partner as long as (1) you and your partner has selected the same career and (2) you and your partner distribute the work fairly.

4. Look at programs in other post-secondary institutions that can lead to the same/similar career.

Part 3 – Proposal

5. Prepare a one-page summary (minimum ¾ page) that addresses the following questions. Point form is acceptable.

  • What is the career that you have chosen?
  • What do you do in this career? Describe daily tasks and responsibilities.
  • Why does it interest you? What are its salary?
  • At which post-secondary can you receive training? Through which program? How much does it cost? How many years?
  • Ask yourself at least two more questions and answer them. Which companies hire people with such skills and expertise?

You must complete additional research to answer some of those questions. The summary can be presented in point form as long as it is understandable by the reader.

6. Print a copy of the summary.

7. You will eventually create a physical poster that promotes the career that you have chosen by providing accurate information in a professional manner. Using the back of the one-page summary, sketch a general layout of the poster.

8. Hand in the summary on time for feedback.

Part 4 – Poster and Presentation

9. Once you receive feedback, start working on the poster outside of class time. Each group will be allowed to print one color page and two black-and-white pages–day and time to be announced (most likely during tutorials). Update: Thursday, September 12 and 19, during tutorials.

10. Bonus: There may be an opportunity for bonus marks for presenting the poster.