Programming 11/12: VB Assignment 2 – Login

You will be creating a log-in program that checks whether the usernames and passwords match. The interface of this program is similar to the one when you log on to school computers. However, there will only be two people who can log in to your program: you and the teacher.


The teacher’s username is “mrkam” and his password is “kamsensei”. Your username is your first name and your password is “student”. The usernames are case insensitive, while passwords are case sensitive.

Note: Student’s first name should be part of the form’s Text property.

Evaluation: 10 marks

  • User Interface (2 marks)
  • Test Cases (7 marks, 1 mark each)
    • Successful:
      • mrkam, kamsensei
      • MrKam, kamsensei
      • name, student
    • Unsuccessful:
      • mrkam, kamSensei (wrong password)
      • markm, kamsensei (wrong username)
      • mrkam, student (swapped info)
      • mrkam, gibberish
  • Objects are logically named. (1 marks)

Hand-In: When complete, package and submit the program.

  1. Zip the entire folder along with its files and subfolders.
  2. Rename the zip file as or
  3. Upload the zip file to the teacher via Google Drive.