Programming 11/12: ActionScript Project – Upgrade 2.0

For this project, you will make significant upgrades to any of the previous assignments. For example, you may wish to modify the shooter game from Assignment 5 to include multiple enemies, sound effects and mouse controls.

[swf], 550, 400[/swf]

Example: Upgrade of Shooter Game from Assignment 5

Here are a few more suggestions:

  • Assignment 1: Create a series of questions similar to the Impossible Quiz.
  • Assignment 2: Include different levels of difficulty to the Whac-a-Mole game.
  • Assignment 3: Add walls to a Pac-Man game such that neither player nor enemy can walk pass. In real Pac-Man, the player moves in one direction continuously until another direction key is pressed.
  • Assignment 4: Create a countdown timer or a clock displaying time around the world.
  • Assignment 5: Add multiple enemies with sound effects and change of controls.
  • Assignment 6: Add an option for an A.I. opponent for the Tic-Tac-Toe game.
  • Asteroid (1-3): Complete a working game with with game comments.

The upgrades should reflect and build upon your existing abilities and knowledge. This means, you may be required to leave your comfort zone and learn new programming skills on your own! You will also receive minimal assistance from the teacher, as you should treat this like a final exam.

IMPORTANT: Prior to coding, you must document what you plan to change in a written proposal and be approved by the teacher. The teacher will give you an idea of the your mark is likely going to be, assuming you can meet all the criteria in the proposal. The proposal is due May 30 (2-1) / May 31 (1-3) .

The project is due on June 10 (Day 1: 1-3 and 2-1). The project must be handed in on the school server — S:\Handin\Programming 11-12\Final Project.


The entire project is worth 12 marks (about 20-25% of the term mark).

  • Proposal of Changes (2 marks)
    • Pass/Fail (Redo)
    • No penalties for redos as long as they are acceptable and not late.
    • Late proposals are subjected to a one-mark deduction.
  • Flash/ActionScript with Design Document (10 marks)
    • 7-8: Exceeding expectations
    • 5-6: Fully meeting expectations
    • 3-4: Minimally or moderately meeting¬†expectations
    • 1-2: Not meeting expectations (incomplete)
    • 0: Not submitted