Programming 11/12: ActionScript Assignment 3 (Block 2-4)

For this assignment, you will design and code a simple stopwatch with ActionScript in which the user can start, stop, and reset the elapsed time.

[swf], 550, 400[/swf]

Evaluation: The stopwatch is marked out of 10 based on the following criteria:

  • Interface (2 marks):
    • Does the stopwatch have a display and buttons?
    • Does the interface look nice?
  • Features (4 marks):
    • Does the start button begin taking time?
    • Does the stop button pause the clock?
    • Does the time resume when start button is pressed after the stop button?
    • Does the reset button zero the time?
  • Accuracy/Precision/Display (4 marks):
    • Does the stopwatch measure the right time (e.g. displays 0:10 or 0:10.0 after 10 seconds)?
    • Is it have precision to a tenth of a second (e.g. displays 0:12.3 after 12.3 seconds)?
    • Does it have a leading zero when it is less than 10 seconds (e.g. displays 0:05 instead of 0:5 after 5 seconds)?
    • Does it add a minute every 60 seconds (e.g. displays 3:20 after 200 seconds)?


  • Describe the variables that you need and the information they store. Think about the what is displayed and what is not displayed.
  • Describe what happens in small, sequential steps when you click the Start/Stop/Reset button.
  • Need to use myTimer.start() and myTimer.stop() to start and stop the timer event listener, where myTimer belongs to the Timer class.