IT 10: Video Project (30-second TV ad) – Part 1

You and two others work for a start-up advertising company. The parent company of a food product is seeking your company for help with a 30-second TV commercial. You may choose your own group and your food product. The product must be a real, existing prepared food item that you can purchase at a local supermarket but it may not have existing English TV ads.

Part 1: Preparation Presentation

  1. Choose your partner and a food product based on the criteria in the scenario. The teacher may assign you to a group if you are unable to find one. Check on YouTube whether a commercial for the item has been produced.
  2. By yourself, search online on how to create an effective 30-second commercial. Read multiple sources and take notes in terms of preparation, equipment, principles, techniques for capturing and editing, etc.
  3. In your group, create a shared presentation and combine your notes with your group members in an organized manner. You may use either use Google Presentation or Prezi. Your group will prepare a 3-minute presentation on how to create an effective 30-second commercial. There is no limit on the number of slides, but your group needs to cite your references in APA format (hint: use

It is expected that you and your group members present the information professionally: eye contact, content familiarity, voice projection, pace, seriousness, etc. The information on the presentation is intended for the audience–not you–so you should not be reading directly from the screens. Bonus marks will be rewarded for dressing professionally. Your group’s presentation will be marked holistically based on this criteria.

Presentations will be held on either May 8 (2-4) or May 9 (1-3).

More information about this project will be provided in the next few days.