IT 10: Quiz Analysis

Task 1: Test

  1. Go to » Courses » Info Tech 10/11 » Student Sites.
  2. Visit each classmate’s website and take the quiz. Only use your first name. Make up a student number if needed. Do the best you can without help from others.

Task 2: Analysis

  1. Mark the quiz using formulas.
  2. Analyze the results by calculating the average mark and the percentage of students who answered each question correctly.
  3. Write a WordPress post describing the results of your quiz.
    1. What was the average mark?
    2. Which question was best done?
    3. Which question was worst done?
    4. Provide the hyperlink to your results spreadsheet.


The class average of the quiz was 3.4 out of 5 (68%). When adjusted for guess correction, majority of the class (95%) of the class got the question “1. Which of the following is NOT a web browser?” correct. In contrast, the worst answered question was “5. Convert 1111011 (binary) to a decimal.” in which only 4% of students answered correctly.

Click here for full results and analysis of the quiz.