IT 10: Prezi

For this assignment, you will create a presentation about yourself using Prezi. Both the use of tools and and the execution of the presentation will be emphasized. Follow the instructions to complete the task.

Due Date: Prezi – Oct. 10 / Presentation – TBA


  1. Create a new Prezi account. Store the account information (username, password) in a safe place. The teacher will not be able to retrieve this information.
  2. Learn what Prezi is and what it can do. Search online for examples and tutorials. It will be your responsibility to learn Prezi independently. By the end of first class, you need to be able to work with text and images as well as to presentation paths.
  3. For this assignment, prepare 15 to 30 slides that introduce yourself to your peers. The slides will be automatically set to change every four seconds; in effect, the presentation will be between one and two minutes long. Use short phrases (8 words max per slide) and include pictures to make the presentation more engaging. Sound is optional. This assignment is to be done independently.
  4. When done, embed the completed presentation on your WordPress site. Alternatively, post a link to your Prezi presentation. See post: IT 10: Embedding Prezi into WordPress

Evaluation: Click here to review the presentation rubric.