IT 10: PC for University

Scenario: Your cousin has just moved out to study marketing at Simon Fraser University. He plans to buy a brand new computer for his school work, but he can only spend $650 (before tax). He asks for your help to choose one. Task: With a partner, you will help your cousin research computers that meet his needs.

  1. Identify his needs. If you are unsure of his needs, you can ask his best friend (i.e. the teacher).
  2. Browse online for computers from different retailers including:
    • Big-Box Stores: and
    • Online Stores: and
    • Local:,,
  3. Select the top two computers within his budget: one of them must be a desktop computer and the other a mobile computer. The two computers can be Apple or PC, new or a refurbished, an all-in-one or a custom-built, etc. You may not choose computers from eBay, Craigslist or any website that may potentially sell stolen computers.
  4. Prepare a slideshow presentation on Google Drive that answers the questions:
    1. What is the scenario?
    2. What are your cousin’s needs?
    3. What do the computers come with? What are their specifications? What are the breakdowns of their costs? Take a screenshot from the store you wish to make the purchase.
    4. How do the computers meet his needs?
    5. What are the benefits and drawbacks? Compare the two computers.
    6. If you can only recommend one, which one will you recommend? Why?
There is no limit to the number of slides, as long as you can get your point across in 6 minutes or less. Make your slides concise but elaborate when you present (i.e. don’t just read your slides). The slides should be legible from the back row of the class, using high contrast and big fonts (larger than 24-pt). Be sure to include visuals and animations to make your presentation more engaging. Evaluation: Click here to view the evaluation rubric for the PC for University presentation. Deadline: Sept 29/30, 2015, at the beginning of class. Presentations will be based on alphabetical order by first name. If your partner is away, then you will present by yourself. If you are away, you will present the next class. Deductions apply unless accompanied with note.]]>