IT 10: Inspirational Quote

For the first assignment, you will select a quote from a famous person that motivates learning and/or inspires towards success. Your quote will be published on a letter-sized paper, backed by a sheet of construction paper, and be posted on the walls around the classroom for the remainder of the year. You will also need to prepare a 30-second presentation explaining what the quote means and why it is meaningful to you.


  1. Go to
  2. Refine by topic and select a school-appropriate quote that motivates learning and/or inspires you towards success. Please no song lyrics. The quote that you select should be unique–something nobody else has.
    • Click here to see quotes that are reserved by other students.
    • Click here to reserve your own quote–first come, first served.
  3. Copy and paste the entire quote in a MS Word document. Put quotation marks around the quote and include the author at the end. Example: “Your education is the single most important investment you can make in your future.” –President Obama
  4. Change the orientation to landscape and then increase the font size so that the quote occupies the majority of page.
  5. Save your work in My Documents (H:\) as Author by Student Name.docx (e.g. Obama by Mr. Kam.docx) and then drag-and-drop to S:\Handin\Info Tech 10\Quotes. DO NOT SAVE DIRECTLY TO S: Drive.

Evaluation: 5 marks

  • Quote (2 marks)
    • The selected quote inspires learning and/or drive towards success.
    • The quote occupies the entire sheet.
  • Oral Presentation (3 marks)
    • Student speaks in a professional manner.
    • Student explains what the quote means and why it is meaningful.