IT 10: Google Forms

Your task is to create an Info Tech quiz using a Google Form. The quiz will include:

  • two text fields for name and student number – required
  • 10 quiz questions:
    • 6 multiple choice (4 options)
    • 2 true/false (using list)
    • 2 short answer (using text)
  • 1 reflection question: “What do you think your mark will be?” (using 0 – 10 scale) – required
  • 1 checkbox to confirm before submitting – required

Each of these questions must have only one correct answer. In addition, the responses must be linked to a spreadsheet that automatically marks the quiz. This quiz will eventually be posted on your WordPress blog, where your peers will take it.

Day 1

  • Create an Info Tech quiz with 10 questions using a Google Form.
  • Link the form to a Google Spreadsheet.

Day 2

  • Add formulas to existing Google Spreadsheet to automatically mark quiz.
  • Embed quiz or or post link on WordPress blog.

Day 3

  • Take the quiz that your peers have made.
  • Automatically mark the quizzes.
  • Find the percentage of students who answered each question correctly.