IT 10: Formatting in Google Documents (Block 1-1)

Assignment: The purpose of this assignments is to help you get acquainted with the formatting options in Google Documents. You will create a table in a new document that summarizes ribbon icons, keyboard shortcuts, and toolbar sequences for commonly used formatting options.


  1. Create a shared folder with your block and name (e.g. 1-1 Google Documents John Smith). Share the folder with the teacher. Make sure that the folder can be edited by the teacher.
  2. Create a Document in the folder.
  3. Change the page layout to landscape and legal paper by click on File » Page Setup in the toolbar.
  4. Insert a 6 x 2 table by clicking on Table » Insert Table in the toolbar.
  5. Type the following headers in the top row: Format, Description, Example, Icon, Shortcut, Toolbar. Bold the headers.
  6. Complete the table as fully as possible. Press tab in the last cell (i.e. last column of last row) to create a new row.
    • Format:
      • bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, link
      • number list, bullet list
      • left align, center align, right align, justified, single space, double space
      • undo, redo, print, cut, copy, paste, select all
    • Description: describe in writing what the formatting option does.
    • Example: provide a visual example of what the formatting option does.
    • Icon: take a screenshot of the ribbon, crop the correct icon in Paint, and paste it into the document.
    • Shortcut: provide the keyboard shortcut. Press Alt + 175 to create the double arrow (») character.
    • Toolbar: provide the toolbar sequence to complete the task.