IT 10: Privacy in the Age of Internet


  1. Take the Privacy Quiz at the start of class.
  2. Sign onto your own Google Account and then click on the worksheet link: Privacy in the Age of Internet.
  3. Go to Make a copy under the File tab and then move the copy into the Shared Folder (handin).
  4. Follow and read the article in each section. The links are provided below for your convenience.
  5. Respond to the questions on the worksheet by yourself. You should respond to immediately following each question: Q-A, Q-A, Q-A, etc. There will be an opportunity to discuss with your peers later.
  6. Add to your own responses after participating in facilitated small group and class discussions.



Write a blog entry on WordPress about what you learned on privacy. The journal should be reflective in nature and meaningful to you. Use the responses from your worksheet to help you get started. Those questions are only intended to help you generate ideas for paragraph writing. Keep the blog entry between 350 and 500 words.


Raicu, I. (2011). Your Privacy Online. Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University. Retrieved from