IT 10: Access 2013 Exercises (BCA 11 cohort)

This post contains information for students in the BCA 11 cohort who wish to learn about databases using Access 2013.

Students are expected to learn the material within a reasonable self-paced timeline, and therefore are expected to be responsible for their own self-directed learning. The course material for the database unit can be found online at

Scope and Sequence–about 15 classes

General Tasks

  1. Download and save the Sample Database onto your USB drive. Most of the examples and exercises refer to this file. You will need to make multiple copies of this file.
  2. Read the assigned lessons(s) on Bookmark it!
    • Though it is not required, the teacher strongly recommends that you follow along with the examples and write down definitions for personal reference–but whatever fits your learning style.
    • You may work with a partner. In fact, you are encouraged due to limited teacher instruction.
  3. Complete the Challenge! exercise on the last page of each lesson.
    • Your mark will based on a video recorded demonstration that shows you completing the Challenge! exercise in real-time. It is expected that you start each assignment with an unmodified version of the Sample Database.
    • Your mark is based on (1) how well you meet the criteria on the Challenge! page (67%), and (2) how fast you are able to complete it from start to finish (33%).
    • The demonstration must be recorded using a video camera (e.g. iPhone) or a screen-capture recorder (e.g. CamStudio). The final product must be uploaded as either a public or unlisted YouTube video.