ICT 9: Video Rubric

Evaluation: The video assignment will be marked out of 100. The video will be viewed and evaluated by the teacher (25 marks) and both classes (2 x 25 marks) based on the criteria below. Class averages will be used for the peer portions.

In addition, there will be a peer evaluation in which individuals evaluate their group members (25 marks). This mark will be standardized to the group average and be proportional to the video mark.

Pass/Fail Criteria:

  1. Is the video published before the deadline?
  2. Is the video school appropriate and family friendly? (i.e. no profanity, no drug use, no sexual innuendo)
  3. Is the video original? (i.e. no copyright material)
  4. Is the video between 14 and 16 seconds long?
  5. Is the start and end of the video demonstrating continuity?

Main Criteria: 25 marks (5-pts per criteria)

  1. Video Quality: Quality shots are used. Shots and scenes flow seamlessly. Digital effects are used appropriately for emphasis.
  2. Environment: Background is appropriately selected.
  3. Audio Editing: Audio is clear and effectively assists in communicating the main idea. Audio is consistent between two scenes. Background audio is kept in balance.
  4. Lighting / Exposure / Focus: Additional lighting is used to eliminate shadows and glares. All scenes have sufficient lighting for viewer to easily see action. All shots are clearly focused and well framed. The camera is held steady with few pans and zooms. Close-ups are used to focus attention.
  5. Overall: The overall video is well done.

Note: If all the Pass/Fail criteria are answered with ‘yes’, then only the Main criteria is applied (i.e. no penalty). However, if any of the Pass/Fail criteria is answered with a ‘no’, the final mark will be half the Main criteria (i.e. 50% or below).