ICT 9: Video Proposal


  1. Create a new Google document and rename it to “1-1 Star Wars Proposal: Group Name” where 1-1 is the block and Group Name is the scene name.
  2. Share the document with the teacher and all the group members.

Components: Answer these questions in the Google Document. Be as detailed as possible.

  1. Group Members
    • List of names and their roles (i.e. what they are expected to do).
  2. Style of Filming
    • e.g. live action, CGI, comic strip, animation, LEGO stop motion, photo slideshow, claymation, black and white, miming, overexposed, etc.
  3. Detailed description of materials.
    • What do you need to bring? e.g. camera, costumes, props, etc.
    • Who is responsible for bringing them?
    • When do you need these materials by?
    • What will happen if the individuals do not bring what the group needs? i.e. Plan B and consequences
  4. Filming Info
    • Where will you film?
    • Which days will you film? What time?
    • Who will be there? Who will not?
    • If filming during class time, provide contact info (i.e. cell phone numbers).
  5. General Timeline
    • When will you film? (1-2 days)
    • When will you be doing edits? (about 3-5 days)
    • When will you re-film to redo no-goods? (1 day)
    • When will you publish it? (1 week before deadline)
    • When will you promote it? How will you promote it? (1 week before deadline)
    • Each member must have a productive task each class. Doing nothing, watching unrelated YouTube videos or playing games is not acceptable.
  6. Partnership Agreement:
    • Copy and paste the following excerpt into the proposal.
    • Fill in the blanks (except for Approved by).
    • Make sure each individual has read the partnership agreement before “signing” (i.e. typing your name).

This is a partnership agreement between __________, __________ and __________ (herein referred to as the “group”). Our group will work on the video assignment from __________ to __________, 2013. The above proposal outlines the expectations and consequences for each individual.

I have carefully read the video proposal above that our group has drafted. The distribution of work is fair and equitable to me and each member. I will do my best to fulfill my expected roles as determined collectively by my group and willingly agreed by myself.

Failure to meet expectations may result in undesired consequences, such as detention or loss of marks. The teacher has the right to determine the consequences and may apply them to individual students or to the entire group. Students may appeal to these consequences in writing after school.

By typing my name below, I agree that the work distribution is fair and equitable to each member. 

Name: ________________________     Date: _________, 2013

Name: ________________________     Date: _________, 2013

Name: ________________________     Date: _________, 2013

Approved by: ___________________    Date: _________, 2013

Evaluation: The proposal is evaluated based on a pass-redo scale. It must be approved before groups can use class time to film outside of the classroom. Each member will receive a 5% penalty on the entire project, per day date.

Due: Today