ICT 9: Video Editing

Task 1: Wax On, Wax Off

  1. Refer to the Wax On, Wax Off post for more information.
  2. Watch the video on Terminology including video format, codec and containers before uploading the video.

Task 2: Fail Video

  1. Select and rip a Fail video from YouTube.
  2. Edit the real-time video snippet, such that the remixed video is played in slow motion and with repetitions, to emphasize the pain of the subject. Hint: Follow video-editing tutorials on YouTube.
  3. Add new background music and/or sound effects.
  4. Similar to the previous video, upload onto YouTube and embed onto your blog.

Task 3: 60-second Music Video

  1. Create a minimum 60-second music video using a ripped song and a large variety  videos from YouTube. You may include images to fill in gaps the video. To do this, select the audio track and trim the song. The song should have a chorus (i.e. a part that is repeated) and have school appropriate lyrics. Afterwards, search for video clips to complement the song. Repeat the same visual track during the chorus.
  2. Upload onto YouTube and embed onto your blog.