ICT 9: Twitter for Personalized Learning Networks (PLN)

Today’s Task:

  1. Read the article titled How to build a Personal Learning Network on TWITTER.
    • Pay attention to how Twitter differs from traditional patterns of communication.
    • Review the Principles for creating a good PLN.
  2. Log in to Twitter. If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free one.
    • If you are concerned about privacy, only enter your first name and use the Gmail account. You can also make your Tweets private in settings.
  3. Follow the teacher (@kamsensei) and at least three other individuals/organizations:
  4. Send a tweet to the teacher, recommending one of the Twitter handles that you think the teacher should follow. Provide the recommendation with a good, solid reason, under 140 characters. The teacher may share and retweet your recommendation.
  5. Write a paragraph (about 3-5 sentences) on WordPress that answers the following questions: (a) In your own words, what is a personalized learning network (PLN)? (b) How can Twitter be used to become your PLN? Give few examples of @handles that you follow and explain why you follow them as part of your PLN.

McLean, K. (2010). How to build a Personal Learning Network on TWITTER. Retrieved from http://www.kristenmclean.org/storage/How to build a Personal Learning Network on TWITTER 3-26-10.pdf#page=1