ICT 9: Term 1 WordPress Checklist

Please refer to this checklist to cross reference all the WordPress blog entries that you need to have by the end of the term. In addition, add images and graphics to your e-portfolio to your posts to make it look visually appealing! Read up to the bottom of the page regarding evaluation.

1. PC for University – Categories: Web 2.0, Office

Write a paragraph (about 5-8 sentences) that summarize (1) what you learned, (2) which skills you made improvements, and (3) which areas you still need work on. Be specific. What you learned may include:

  • content knowledge: learning more about hardware components and their costs.
  • computer skills: learning how to create animations in Google Presentations, how to share and work on a Presentation together, how to create a transparent background in an image.
  • problem-solving skills: identifying the needs, researching and deciding on the “best” course of action.
  • people skills: working with others and overcoming challenges.

2. Prezi-tation – Category: Web 2.0

Once you have embedded Prezi into your WordPress portfolio, write a short paragraph (about 3-5 sentences) that answers to these questions:

  • What are you general impressions of Prezi?
  • What are some of Prezi’s advantages and some of its disadvantages compared to PowerPoint or Google Presentation?
  • Do you prefer to use Prezi or Google Presentation? Why?

3. Pixton – Category: Web 2.0

Write a short a paragraph (about 3-5 sentences) that describes what you are trying to communicate, i.e. what is the purpose or theme of this comic? Sometimes, your message might not convey what you intend. Writing will help your viewers achieve a better understanding of your main message.

4. FloorPlanner.com – Category: Web 2.0

Either above or below the screenshot, write a short blurb (about 2-3 sentences) about the purpose of this project (i.e. why did you create a model of the room?). Hint: re-read the assignment description.

5. Privacy in the Age of Internet – Category: Uncategorized (Block 2-4 only)

Write a blog entry (about 300 – 500 words) based on what you learned on privacy. The journal should be reflective in nature and meaningful to you. That is, a reflection is not only a mirror but a lens that examines deep into your thoughts. In addition, consider these guiding questions from the worksheet to help you get started:

  • Do you think privacy is a right, a luxury or an outdated concept? Justify your reason.
  • What was the most shocking statement on privacy quiz and why?
  • Online advertisers and the companies that make money by providing them with data about you, argue that they collect information about you only in order to provide you with better-targeted ads that are more relevant to you, personally. Do you perceive any harm in targeted advertising? If so, do the benefits outweigh that harm? If not, why not?
  • Is it unethical for companies to track people online for advertising purposes? Why or why not? Would your answer change if the companies doing such tracking were to ask the users’ permission ahead of doing any tracking?
  • Do young people that you know care about their privacy, both online and offline? What are some of those steps they take to protect their privacy?

The guided questions are intended to help you generate ideas for paragraph writing, rather than to be answered directly in Q&A format. Keep the blog entry between 350 and 500 words.

6. Twitter as a PLN – Category: Web 2.0

Write a paragraph (about 3-5 sentences) on WordPress that answers the following questions: (a) In your own words, what is a personalized learning network (PLN)? (b) How can Twitter be used to become your PLN? Give few examples of @handles that you follow and explain why you follow them as part of your PLN.

7. Digital Storytelling – Category: Web 2.0

Write a short paragraph (about 3-5 sentences) explaining (a) which free tools you have explored, (b) which free tools you have used to create the project, and (c) why you have chosen those tools.

8. Term 1 Reflection – Category: Web 2.0

Select one or two web 2.0 tools that you have used this term. Write a paragraph (about 5-8 sentences) that explains (a) which tools you have used, (b) which tool(s) you have found most impressionable, (c) how you have used the tool(s) during the term and (d) how you might use the tool(s) for other purposes.


The teacher will read the Term 1 Reflection and another post in detail. The e-portfolio will be holistically marked out of 10 for organization, content and visual appeal.