ICT 9: Technology is a Double-Edged Sword

Even though technology is supposed to make human life easier, the same technology can also produce dire–and sometimes unpredictable–consequences. To clearly illustrate this point, we will use banking for example.

With traditional banking, you are probably comfortable walking into your local bank to deposit a cheque or to make a withdrawal. You are also probably very familiar with the long lines associated with doing even the most basic tasks. In order to get into the building, you need to keep in mind of all the federal holidays and other banking days when the bank will be closed (such as Sundays). If you need to visit the bank past regular business hours, you can just forget about it as you just need to wait until the next day. Traditional banking has some serious flaws in hours of operation and convenience.

With online banking, you will never have to worry about full access to your account. You have quick and easy 24-hour access from anywhere in the world. Online banks never closes for a holiday or for maintenance. You will never have to rush over to the bank after school and fight lines because you can access your account from any computer with an internet connection.

While online banking sounds fantastic, this technology has also given rise to new problems: internet fraud and identity theft. Technology has also made it easier for cyber criminals to steal personal identity and information, which may be used against you to take money out of your accounts without your awareness. Because the Internet makes it easier for people to do things anonymously from any location around the world, it is very difficult to crack down on cyber criminals. Click here for information on how cyber criminals operate.


Do you think technology enhances our daily lives?  Do you think people rely on technology too much? Do you think our society values technology too much? For this assignment, you will express your current views of digital technology using an example, told with a comic-strip narrative. Specifically, you will use Pixton to create the comic with at least three frames. You are encouraged to use smart humor, including satire and sarcasm, to demonstrate your point as long as it is clear to the audience.



  1. Create a free Pixton for Fun account by connecting to the Google Account.
  2. Explore and create a comic strip based on the criteria above.
  3. Embed the comic when done. See post: Embedding Pixton.


The assignment is marked out of holistically out of 10 based on two parts:

  • Comic Strip: 6 marks (6 = exceeding, 5 = fully meeting, 4 = mostly meeting, 3 = minimally meeting, 2 = developing, 1 = incomplete, 0 = missing)
  • Description: 4 marks (4 = exceeding, 3 = fully meeting, 2 = minimally meeting, 1 = developing, 0 = missing/incomplete)