ICT 9: Social Media

linkedin_vs_facebookFor this assignment, you will work with a partner to prepare a slideshow presentation that reviews and compares two popular social media platforms.

These platforms do not need to be exclusive to those popular in North America, nor do they need to be exclusive to desktop computers. For example, you may compare a popular North American platform to a popular Chinese platform (e.g. QQ). You may also choose ones exclusive to games (e.g. Steam), entertainment (e.g. Netflix), or mobile devices (e.g. WhatsApp).  However, the choice of your social media platforms must be similar in nature

Once you and your partner have chosen two social media, prepare slides that minimally answer the following questions in a logically organized fashion:

  • General Description:
    • What does the platform do?
  • Target Market:
    • Demographics: What age group does the platform attract? Which gender?
    • Geographics: Which country uses the platform the most?
    • Psychographics: What are the user’s interests? What gets searched the most?
  • Competitive Advantage:
    • What makes your platforms so popular?
    • What makes them special or better than other platforms?
  • Compare and Contrast:
    • How are the two platforms similar?
    • How are they different?


  • Slideshow
    • Visual: How does it look? Point form, graphics, animation, white space, contrast, etc. (3 marks)
    • Content: How well does it answer the questions? Detail and depth. (3 marks)
  • Oral Presentation
    • Delivery: How well did the presenter speak? Eye contact, volume, body language, etc. (3 marks)
    • Elaboration: How well the presenters add to the visual presentation? The teacher will stop the presentation if the presenters read directly from the screen without elaborating. (3 marks)

Each section will be scored out of three:

  • 3 = fully meeting / exceeding expectations (A)
  • 2 = mostly meeting (B)
  • 1 = minimally meeting (C+ or C)
  • 0 = not meeting / nearly meeting (C- or I)