ICT 9: Linking Scratch to WordPress

You will create a hyperlink on your WordPress blog that redirects to a publicly shared Google Drive folder containing the four Scratch Games that you have made: Cat and Dog, Maze, Pong, and Portfolio.

Task 1 Instructions:

  1. Create a new folder in Google Drive and rename it to Scratch Games.
  2. Copy all four Scratch games into this folder. If you need to rename the files, make sure that the file names ends with an “.sb3” extension (e.g. Nine Lives.sb3).
  3. Share the folder (by right clicking on the folder) and make it visible to anyone with the link (can view).
  4. Copy the URL from the shared settings page.
  5. Create a new post in WordPress with a hyperlink directing to the copied URL.

Task 2 Instructions:

  1. Create a new WordPress blog entry called “Term 2 Reflections”
  2. Write a short paragraph explaining what you have done in Term 2 (namely Scratch). Include (1) what you knew about Scratch before this term, (2) what you learned during the term, (3) what you want to learn or improve moving forward.