ICT 9: Scratch Assignment 3 – A Mazing Game

Task: Modify the basic maze game such that (1) there is a simple story following the introduction screen, (2) there are at least three stages, and (3) at least one enemy is added. The enemy should either follow the player, bounce off walls, or follow a predictable path. It is up to you to decide what happens when the enemy touches the player, but the consequence should be logical.

Once these conditions are met, make other changes to the game to increase the value of gameplay. For example, the enemy may increase speed after each level, an extra enemy appears after each level, etc.

Game Template

Click here to download the game template.

Evaluation (10 marks)

  • Basic Criteria (5 marks; at least 1 mark deduction for missed criteria)
    • There is a story after introduction screen.
    • Player is unable to pass through walls.
    • There are three or more stages.
    • A logical consequence occurs when the player touches the enemy.
  • Gameplay and Additions (5 marks)
    • General Scores:
      • 0 = not meeting expectations (no additional changes)
      • 1 = not meeting expectations (developing)
      • 2 = minimally meeting expectations
      • 3 = mostly meeting expectations
      • 4 = fully meeting expectations
      • 5 = exceeding expectations
    • There are endless possibilities to make the gameplay more fun as suggested above.