ICT 9: Scratch Assignment 2 – Pong

Task: Using the concepts from the Pong example that we started in class, you will create a new 2-player Pong game in which the second player is controlled by either an AI or another human. In addition, the game shall be played sideways (instead of top-down) and keep scores for each player. The first player to score 11 points will win the game. 

Evaluation: The game is marked out of 10 based on the following the basic criteria and overall gameplay.

Basic Criteria (7 marks–at least 1 mark deduction per unsatisfied criteria):

  • Green flag starts and resets game.
  • Game is played sideways.
  • Second player is implemented.
    • The second player could be AI or human.
    • If the second player is AI controlled, the first player could use either keyboard or mouse. If the second player is human controlled, both players should use the keyboard.
  • Ball properly reflects off the paddle in the correct direction, similar to light with respect to the angle of incidence and its angle of reflection.
  • Ball travels in a near straight path (turning ±1° per loop) and bounces off walls and paddles.
  • Ball speed is increased after each hit.
  • Ball respawns in the center and its speed is reset to default after a player scores.
  • Player’s score increases by 1 if its opponent gets scored on.
  • First player to earn 11 points wins the game; deuce rule does not apply.

Overall Gameplay (3 marks):

  • Excellent: 3
  • Good: 2
  • Satisfactory: 1
  • Poor = 0