ICT 9: Scratch Assignment 1 – Nine Lives

Task: Create a Scratch game called “Nine Lives” in which the cat tries to eat as many kibbles as possible, while its enemy moves randomly across the screen. When the enemy touches the cat, the cat loses a life; the cat starts with nine lives. When the number of lives reaches zero, the game ends. As long as it enriches the game, add your own flavor to the game to make it fun and unique to you.

Evaluation: The game is marked out of 10 based on the following criteria:

  • Basic Criteria (7 marks)
    • Arrow keys control the cat.
    • Enemy moves across the screen in a semi-random/semi-predictable pattern.
    • Score resets to zero when game starts.
    • Number of lives resets to nine when game starts.
    • Score increases when the cat eats a kibble.
    • Kibble respawns randomly on the stage when cat eats it.
    • Number of lives decreases when the enemy hurts the cat.
    • Score cannot be increase when the game is over; user needs to press green arrow to restart the game.
  • Other Criteria: Additions are added to improve gameplay (3 marks)