ICT 9: Floor Plan Submission

Instructions for Submission:

  1. Go back to FloorPlanner.com. Click on the share icon (<) and then Share by email. The share icon can be found on the top right of the work area.
  2. Enter your e-mail address in the prompt. DO NOT ENTER THE TEACHER’S E-MAIL ADDRESS.
  3. Look for an e-mail from FloorPlanner.com in your inbox (or possibly spam/junk mail). It will provide you a link similar to http://pl.an/dnwh2o. Keep the link for step 5.
  4. Open a new tab to FloorPlanner.com and take a screenshot of the floor plan in 2D. The screenshot should include the complete floor plan and the scale. The scale is the part circled in red in the diagram below. Post the screenshot into a WordPress post. This screenshot process is similar to the one from embedding Pixton.
  5. Copy the link from step 3 over to your WordPress post. Modify the hyperlink of your screenshot such that it should take you to your floor plan on FloorPlanner.com when you click on your screenshot.
  6. Select Web 2.0 as the category.
  7. Either before or after the screenshot, write a short blurb about the purpose of this project (i.e. why did you create a model of the room?). Hint: re-read the assignment description.