ICT 9: Embedding Pixton


  1. Complete and publish your Pixton comic.
  2. Zoom in/out so that your entire comic fits on your screen.
  3. Open Snipping Tool from the Start Menu.
  4. Take a screenshot of the comic and save. Unlike the example below, your screenshot should only include the comic and its title.
  5. Create a new post in WordPress and click on Upload/Insert to insert the screenshot.
  6. Click on the inserted image and click on Insert/Edit Link (i.e. the icon that looks like a chain).
  7. Replace the URL with the one found on Pixton (see red box below).
  8. Test that the link works by clicking on the inserted image. It should take you to your Pixton website.
  9. After embedding the comic, write a short a paragraph that describes what you are trying to communicate, i.e. what is the purpose or theme of this comic? This will help your viewers achieve a better understanding of your main message. For example:The comic above depicts people’s dependency on technology. Even though technology may enrich lifestyle, people can sometimes rely on technology so much that they become detached and lose common sense, as in the driver who is relying on the directions of their Smartphone despite seeing a cliff in front of him.