Windermere's Next General Editor

two general editors to lead next year’s class. Are you interested in this role? Do you have what it takes? Will you step up to the plate? Read the prerequisites and responsibilities below and inform the teacher in person by April 19 if you are interested. Prerequisites

  • Grade 12 student in Annual Production 12 with history of good work ethic and solid academic record.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good proofreading skills.
  • Good critical skills and keen eye for detail.
  • Experience with Photoshop and design/layout. Experience with InDesign is an asset but not required.
  • Commitment to work on yearbook after school (or during study block). If you get a study block, consider becoming a CS student for the yearbook advisor.
  • Available to attend a 3-day “boot camp” last week of August to learn fundamental yearbook concepts. Tuition will be subsidized or fully paid for but students must pay for food, board, and transportation to/from Victoria (about $120).
Main Responsibilities
  1. Plan and organize the page-by-page content of the yearbook.
  2. Delegate tasks to other staff members.
  3. Provide advice and critique to other staff members.
  4. Proofread text and make final edits to layouts.
  5. Monitor the overall progress of the yearbook and make sure the team meets all deadlines, with sufficient time to make edits.