Computer Studies 10: AppInventor Assignment 1 – Magic 8-Ball

For this assignment, you will create a mobile app for Android smartphones and tablets using MIT’s AppInventor. This programming language is similar to Scratch in which the programmer writes code by dragging-and-dropping code blocks that snap on like LEGO pieces. However, unlike Scratch, AppInventor programs cannot run natively on the operating system but rather requires either an Android device or an emulator to test and debug the program. This means that significantly more time and more patience is required.


  1. Follow the tutorial for the Magic 8 Ball and complete the basic tasks.
  2. Modify the app with the following criteria:
    1. Provide 5 random reasons to take an Info Tech or Computer Science class
    2. Display the reason when the screen is tapped or when the device is shaken.
    3. Speak the text aloud using the built-in text-to-speech synthesizer.
    4. Put your name somewhere visible on the screen.
  3. Build the final product and upload the APK file onto Google Drive.

Grading: 10 marks

  • Basic Tasks: up to Part 3 in tutorial  (4 marks)
  • 5 Reasons (3 marks): provide valid reasons. Do NOT provide reasons to dissuade others from taking another course (e.g. “Don’t take ____ because I.T. is more fun).
  • Text-to-Speech (3 marks): need to display and speak out the same text.