Course Planning


Information Technology 10: Students are introduced to current information and communication technologies in this computer course. Students gain computer skills highly demanded at home, school and workplace. Topics include hardware, office applications, game programming, blogging, video production and useful web 2.0 tools. This course is strongly recommended for Grade 9 and 10 students who plan to take computer programming.

Prerequisite: Open to Grade 9 and 10 students only. Grade 11 and 12 students should consider taking Business Computer Applications 11 instead.

Business Education 10: Students will be introduced to the role of business in our Canadian society. Topics include starting a business and learning how it is affected by supply and demand, prices and competition. Students also learn how businesses are affected by the consumer and their role in the community. Other topics covered include accounting, marketing, and money management. In addition there will also be keyboarding and Internet use components.

Prerequisite: Open to Grade 9 and 10 students only.

Business Computer Applications 11: Students learn how to use computers and software to fulfill a wide variety of business needs. Topics include desktop publishing, business presentations, video production for marketing promotions, research methodologies, and information management/analysis with spreadsheets and databases. Students also maintain an e-portfolio.

Prerequisite: Open to all Grade 10 to 12 students. BCA 11 is a required course for those planning to take Innovative Business Strategies 12.

Information Technology 11: Students are introduced to current information and communication technologies in typical 21st century workplaces. Students learn a wide array of technical skills such as networks, office applications, programming, web design and 3-D animation.


  • Open to Grade 10 students with Info Tech 10.
  • Open to all Grade 11 and 12 students.

Computer Programming 11/12: According to Forbes magazine (2012), programming has been rated the top career among all professions since 2009! Students learn Python 3.3 and Flash/ActionScript 3.0 programming languages to solve real-life problems, create animations and make games. It is recommended that students take Programming 11 and Programming 12 in consecutive years since these courses run on two-year cycles.

In addition, Programming 12 students have the option to study in-depth Java programming concepts and methodology. Topics include methods and arrays, object-oriented programming (OOP), and graphical user interface (GUI). This course is strongly recommended for students who wish to study computer science, engineering or any quantitative fields in post-secondary.

Prerequisites for Programming 11:

  • Grade 10 with Info Tech 10, OR
  • Grade 11 with solid math background

Prerequisites for Programming 12:

  • Grade 11 with Programming 11, OR
  • Grade 12 with solid math background

Web Design 12: This is a hands-on, project-based elective designed for students who wish design, publish and maintain professional websites. Students learn HTML/CSS and use a variety of tools to build websites including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, WordPress and MediaWiki. Students have the opportunity to start their own e-commerce website. Additional opportunities may include maintaining the school and BCBEA websites.

Prerequisites: Open to all Grade 11 to 12 students.