CIS 12: MacBook Pro

For this project, you will write an article on your blog that compares the three best laptop computers comparable to the newest top-end model of MacBook Pro but under the latter’s price. As of Fall 2019, the most expensive model is the 15″ MacBook Pro that sells for $3499 and its default configuration comes with 2.3GHz 8-core Intel Core i9 and 16MB shared L3 cache.

In your article, you will need to include an introductory paragraph that describes the purpose and motivates your readers to continue reading. Very likely you will also need images of your laptops, tables that compare the specs side by side, and a conclusion indicating which laptop is the clear “winner” based on its price and the rationale. Just like any well-researched articles, you need to include citations either in the footnotes or on standalone page (in APA or MLA format).

This project will be holistically marked for its content, journalistic voice and layout. You may need to change the theme of your blog to format your content properly.