CIS 12: Linux / VirtualBox

For this project, you will install a distribution of Linux on VirtualBox and manage within this operating system. Management includes installing new software, updating existing software, creating new users and restricting/revoking privileges, etc.

Installation Tasks:

  1. Download and install the newest version of VirtualBox.
  2. Review and compare the different Linux distributions. Select any of the popular Linux distributions and download the 32-bit version.
  3. Install the Linux operating system onto a 8GB+ dynamic virtual disk. Make sure you allot enough hard-drive space and memory to the virtual environment.
    • Note: Because student profiles occasionally get removed from the PCs, it is strongly recommended to make of copies of the virtual disk onto a USB flash drive. Otherwise, students may be required to re-download and install.
  4. Create an admin account with a password of your choice.
  5. Make sure you turn off the virtual machine properly, or else it may have difficulties booting up in the future.

Check back later for further instructions.