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Programming 11/12: Java Homework (Lesson 6 to 10)

Part 1: Vocabulary and Key Ideas (5 marks)

  1. Summarize the key ideas for each lesson using point form. Approximately 2 to 5 key ideas for each lesson. This may include definitions and/or examples that you might find useful.
Part 2: Exercise Problems (15 marks)
  1. Select five problems from the Exercises or Projects that you have made an error or found challenging. Five in total, not five from each lesson.
  2. Copy the question and provide your original solution.  If you have difficulties starting the problem, get a hint from a peer or from the teacher.
  3. State what your mistake was in a line or two. If you made no mistakes, explain why it was challenging and then provide a detailed solution
    • If you made no mistakes, explain why it was challenging and then provide a detailed solution.
    • If it was a logic error, state what you were thinking and what you needed to think to answer the problem correctly.
    • If it was a syntax, point out where the mistake was made. In either case, be specific and state what your answer should have been to receive full credit.
Part 3: Peer Problem (5 marks)
  1. Create a problem drawn from something you were asked to learn in this unit. You should make the problem challenging but not absurdly difficult. The peer problem should have some depth and be a multiple-points question (i.e. non-trivial).
  2. Provide a detailed solution to your own problem. A solution is not merely the answer but rather an explanation leading to the answer.
  3. Ask a peer to solve it. If the person is struggling, offer hints or clues to help. When the problem is solved, give the response a letter grade and provide written feedback.
Part 4: Reflection (3 marks)
  • Summarize your most common ‘error types’ and your strategies for correcting them, i.e. what should you look for so that you would not consistently make the same mistakes?
Miscellaneous: Communication (2 marks)
  1. Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  2. Format the layout so that it is consistent and easy to read.

Business 10: About “Me”

How to Sell Yourself” mentions the who you truly are from who “you” are as a product. There’s you—imperfect, conflicted, fallible. And then there’s “you”—awesome, confident, superhuman. Think of “you” as a superhero version of yourself. For the first assignment, you will have the opportunity to introduce “you” to your teacher and peers by creating and presenting a slideshow. Your presentation will be timed and recorded. Continue reading

Article: Vancouver facing shortfall of talent to fill tech jobs (Vancouver Sun)

Full Story:

Vancouver will have more than 15,500 tech job openings between now and 2019, a recent report shows, which will intensify an already competitive job market that has companies fighting to attract new talent and keep employees from heading south of the border.  Continue reading

Business 10: Warriors’ Den 2015

Students in Business 9/10 will have the opportunity to win a $100 interest-free loan towards starting a small student-run business of their choice, with all net proceeds being donated to a registered charity. Students will provide a written business plan document and then pitch their idea with a multimedia slideshow to a small panel of judges. The purpose of the project is to plan and develop a student-run, start-up social enterprise while building a connection and making a difference in your community. Continue reading