Business 8: Interior Design (Asgn 3)

This is a group assignment. Your group will create a Google Document that describes the interior design of your business. Each member is responsible for the design for ONE room:

  • Selling Area
  • Another Room (e.g. kitchen)
  • Washroom (only if working in trios)

Even though each member is responsible for one room, the overall interior design must be “make design sense” (i.e. the three designs must be united and look as one).

For each room, each member must select wall colors, flooring and furniture using three different websites:

For each selection, each member must provide (1) a screenshot, (2) the hyperlink that the screenshot was taken from, (3) a brief description of the item, and (4) a justification for the selection.


@GamerTag Example: We chose to furnish our selling area with white tables because they would contrast nicely with black PCs. It also helps our employees see whether the tables need to be cleaned.

Evaluation:  Each room / member will be holistically marked out of 10. The group mark will be the average of each member (rounded to the nearest half mark).

Submission: Move the Google Document into the shared folder.