Business 8: (Asgn 2)

This is an individual assignment. You will create a floor plan for your business using You can create a free account or log in with your group Gmail. If you are using the group Gmail, you must save the floor as your first and last name. Note: The tool does not save automatically, so it is important that you manually save as often as needed.

Criteria: Due to your rent budget, you can only rent a one-floor location no larger than 15 x 15 meters (minimum 10 x 10 meters)–this is roughly the size of our classroom. The store size is an important criterion, so make sure it is met!

In addition, the floor plan should consists of the following bullet items:

  • selling area: 40-60% of the store area, directly connected to store front.
  • storage area: 10-20% of store, connected to the back and the selling area.
  • staff room: 15-25% of store.
  • washroom: 5-10% of store, maximum 2 toilets in total, either connected to staff room or selling area (for food vendors only), with solid doors.
  • kitchen (for food vendors only): 20-25%, connected to selling area and storage room.
  • change rooms (for clothing vendors only): 5-10% of store.
  • small office: 10-15% of store, connected to staff room and selling area.
  • windows: front of store.
  • front door (glass) and back door (emergency exit, solid).
  • doors or walkways to connect between rooms.
  • labels for each room.
  • do not re-size any standard fixtures like doors and sinks (e.g. you do not want a 1-m wide toilet!)

The layout should be designed in a way that makes sense. Do not worry about the color of the floor and walls. You have two classes to work on this assignment, after which you must complete the assignment on your own time.

Example: (mKFC)

Evaluation: The assignment is marked out of 10. Up to six marks is awarded for meeting the store size and all the bullets above (three mark deduction for not meeting size criteria, one mark deduction for not meeting each bullet item). The other four marks is based on the layout and detail (e.g. fixtures, furniture).

How to Submit: When done, click on share icon (looks like < ) and share by e-mail to the teacher. In the message area, include your block, your business name and your first name.


Note: The teacher will provide his e-mail in class–record it in your agenda.

The assignment must be submitted no later than Oct. 31, 2013.